Wedding ring guarantees and material explanation

First let me tell you about the 3 different type of wedding band that my company is offering.

Stainless Steel

Lightweight and stylish, stainless steel is a multipurpose metal that is used for a range of products from kitchen appliances to wedding bands. These rings are generally the least expensive of the three categories I am covering, but at a price. These rings are more likely to scratch due to their lack of ability to remain durable through daily activities. This option has a great look, but if purchased, it may need to be replaced depending on use.



Titanium is an extremely strong metal and like the stainless rings, is light-weight. Lightness of the material is something that some people like whereas other do not depending on style choice, perception of light-weight rings, ect. This ring is prone to scratches however it is more scratch resistant than a stainless steel ring, costing a little bit more on average than the stainless.



Tungsten rings are heavier in weight and have the strongest lifetime durability out of the three categories. Tungsten is about ten times harder than 18K gold and about four times harder than titanium. Tungsten also holds its shape for forever which means the ring will not bend or wear down. Slightly more expensive than the previous metals, Tungsten rings make up for their minor price increase through their lifetime durability.

Our guarantee for these items:

Stainless and Titanium are guaranteed for one year against factory defects and normal wear tear. We will replace the ring for the customer with customer paying for shipping to us and shipping back to the customer which also entails a handling charge or $8.95.

Lifetime Warranty

At, we purchase only rings that are designed, crafted and made from the finest materials to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment! If you take care of your ring, clean it and treat it with respect and do not abuse it, it should be the only wedding band you need to purchase.

Our LIFETIME WARRANTY includes all manufacturing defects and sizing – the most comprehensive lifetime warranty in the industry. Buy it once – for life! No other ring carries this comprehensive of a warranty.

Tungsten is known for its stunning scratch-resistant finish and holds its shape and shine indefinitely. 

Tungsten bands are 4 times harder than titanium, 5 times harder than tool steel and 10 times harder than 18 kt. Gold.

Should your ring become defective due to the manufacturing process (including loss of diamonds), we will replace your ring for $8.95. This warranty exchange fee covers handling, packaging, and shipping your new ring back to you.

We recommend that you still secure an insurance policy for rings with genuine diamonds – most insurance policies will cover the loss of stones and this will serve as a backup for any loss that might occur.

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