New Crackle beads are not here in multiple sizes and color choice

Designer and crafter will delight in these colors and sizes. We have 6 & 8 mm round with holes in red, pink, purple, white, yellow, smoke, green, orange, and blue, showing these sparking beads in necklace, pendants, earrings, pins, anklets, who know what you will invent or design.   Read more
Handmade jewelry blog

Handmade jewelry blog

Handmade jewelry gifts are for the persons who wants great quality and the knowledge that these items were made just for them. Handmade jewelry has been a sought-after closet “staple” for decades. Whether it’s the only kind of jewelry you buy or something you picked up on vacation, you have at least one piece of handmade jewelry. What is it about something that’s made by hand that draws our attention? My theory is that an artisan’s personal connection and love of their craft transforms ordinary objects into [...]  Read more
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